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Get Ready to Pay More for the Web

December 5, 2008

In times like these, surfing the web might seem like one of life’s cheaper entertainment options. But the next time you fire up your home computer, consider this: If some Internet service providers get their way, the meter could be running while you’re shopping, emailing or reading news reports like this one.

That’s because cable and telecommunications companies are forging ahead with plans to radically change their familiar flat-rate monthly Internet plans — even as new options for watching movies and TV online proliferate.

What should web surfers expect? “Usage caps” that would penalize those who send and receive too much data.

Time Warner Cable, for instance, is currently running a test in Beaumont, Texas, that offers a range of plans that allow between five gigabytes and 40 gigabytes of bandwidth for new customers. The five-gigabyte plan costs $29.95 a month, while customers pay $54.90 monthly for the 40-gigabyte plan. Go over the limit and customers have to pay $1 for every extra gigabyte. AT&T is testing a similar plan in Reno, Nev., with cap ranges between 20 GB to 150 GB for its new customers.

How easy is it to run over that cap? Just a few years ago it would have been difficult. But now the rise of video and other data-heavy applications on the web means more consumers are eating up large amounts of data — downloading movies and music from Apple’s iTunes, watching TV episodes on and engaging in other “bandwidth intensive” activities.

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Just for Fun – The Web’s Most Useless Sites

November 30, 2008

 AOL AIM Dashboard, Zombo, Weekly World News. Wait, Weekly World News?!

The Web’s Most Useless Sites

¬†Finding great sites on the Web is easy. But it takes hard work and dedication to find the truly annoying and dazzlingly useless ones. Of course we didn’t shrink from the task.

While locating the most useful sites on the Web, we felt it only fair to call out the some of the most useless, too. We found no shortage of sites that are poorly designed or boring, but we list here some of the sites that go that extra mile — the dazzlingly ugly, the patently offensive and the mind-bogglingly pointless.

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