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Take a Stand Against Google

February 1, 2009

In October 2006, a former CIA case officer claimed that Google is very involved with the CIA. Robert David Steele also claimed that the CIA provided Google with seed money when it was starting out.

That’s all bad enough, if true. But now Google is playing politics in Washington D.C. 

Google CEO Eric Schmidt campaigned for Barack Obama and was on the Obama transition team along with three other Googlers. Now, Google is ready to capitalize on its backing of President Obama and pursue its agenda in the nation’s capital.

Rumors have recently circulated that Google is lobbying for a law allowing the sale of electronic medical records (which we will all be compelled to have if that part of the Obama “stimulus package” remains intact) – a rumor that Google denies:

Google does not sell health data. In fact, one of our most steadfast privacy principles is that we don’t sell our users’ personal data, whether it’s stored in Google Health, Gmail, or in any of our products. And from a policy perspective, we oppose the sale of medical information in the health care industry.

The thing is, Google doesn’t have to sell your medical data to advertisers. All they have to sell are certain keywords like “diabetes”, “pregnancy”, “cancer”, and so on to advertisers much as they do now with their AdSense program.

The difference could be, however, that Google could know what health concerns you have based on your electronic medical record. You could then receive targeted advertising whether you are actively searching those terms or not. Don’t believe me? Wait for it.

So how can you search the web without Google? Easy! 

 Ixquick Protects Your Privacy !
The only search engine that does not record your IP address.

Your privacy is under attack !Every time you use a regular search engine, your search data are recorded.
Your search terms, the time of your visit, the links you choose, your IP address and your User ID cookies all get stored in a database.

The identity profiles that can be constructed from this cloud of information represent modern day gold for marketers.
But government officials, hackers and even criminals also have an interest in getting their hands on your personal search data.
And sooner or later they will…

I just switched from Dogpile to Ixquick for better privacy. So far, my searches are returned very quickly and with better results than Google or even Dogpile.

Switch today and take a stand against Google tyranny!

The Police State Advances

January 7, 2009

Earlier this week, Dr. Henry Kissinger spoke of the opportunity presented by the global financial “crisis”  for a “New World Order” to take control. It’s in this CNBC video.

If that does not chill your soul, this will. A San Diego man was recently stopped and searched by Border Patrol agents well inside the US. Apparently, it is now legal for the government to detain and search citizens up to 100 miles from the border. Almost two thirds of all Americans live and travel within 100 miles of the border.


This is why America’s founders wrote the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. It’s not about hunting. It’s not about target shooting competition. It’s not really even about individual self-defense (not entirely anyway). The 2nd amendment to the US Constitution is about preventing tyranny.

A recent editorial by Michael Gaddy discusses this and more…

Buy, Buy, Buy
by Michael Gaddy

While we stumble along economically with bailouts, buyouts, and poor sales in almost all sectors, two products in America are seeing dramatic increases in sales: guns and ammo. People who never owned a gun before are buying; people are buying multiples of military style weapons and ammo is being bought by the case instead of by the box.

Many explain this away as folks simply worried that Obama will move to ban certain firearms, especially those referred to by the ignorant as “assault weapons,” I believe the motivation to buy firearms and ammunition goes much deeper.

More and more Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the storm that is brewing on the horizon, a storm driven by the possibility of a complete economic collapse.

The more astute are reading the handwriting on the wall: military combat units being assigned for stateside duty to quell domestic disturbances, a militarization of law enforcement, and the fear of what will happen when the state is no longer able to provide monthly checks to the millions currently living on government handouts labeled as “entitlements.”

A strong possibility exists, when the checks stop, those who no longer have will seek to forcibly take from those who do. The scenes from New Orleans after Katrina have not disappeared from the public memory.

Regardless, legislation has been pre-planned and is now in place to be implemented just as soon as we have another tragedy involving a criminal idiot with guns.

Continue reading…

Anybody been to a gun show lately? My husband went to one the weekend after Christmas. It was in a location that has hosted many previous gun shows he attended in recent years. He had never seen it so crowded as it was that weekend after Christmas – it was so shocking, he even called home to tell me about it.

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