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Health Care Reformers Don’t Get It

May 28, 2009

An interesting take by F. Paul Wilson on the coming “universal health care”.

Health Care reformers: They don’t get it

Left, right, center, all the pols are on one reform bandwagon or another.  The idea is to bring all the uninsured (according to the National Coalition on Health Care, that means 46 million people) under some sort of medical coverage.

Am I going to carp about how we’re going to pay for it?  Nah.  Not my job.  (Although, in this Weimar zeitgeist, I suppose we’ll simply print more money.)

No, I’m thinking about bodies – 46 million of them.  That’s an amazing number.  And once they enter the system, they’ll want to utilize it.  They’ll want/need physical exams and their cholesterol checked, and their blood pressure and diabetes treated.  They’ll want vaccinations and pre-school exams for their well kids and throat cultures and medications for their sick ones.

So here’s the next question, the one no one on the Hill seems to be asking:

Who’s going to treat them?

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Even if the plan will include money to train more providers there will be a long ramp-up to an adequate ratio of patients-to-providers.

In the meantime, we can only hope there won’t be too many incidents like this one in which a woman died on the waiting room floor of a county hospital, even as staffers saw – and ignored – her in distress.