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The Book Every American Should Read

September 5, 2009

endthefed250wWant to know what it felt like to be an American colonist reading one of the first copies of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense?

Get a copy of Ron Paul’s new book, End the Fed and you’ll know just what those early Americans felt upon reading some of the most powerful words ever written.

End the Fed is written in an easy to understand, conversational tone making the ideas within very accessible to just about anyone.  Congressman Paul shines the bright light of truth of our monetary system throughout history to the present day. What you learn may shock you but at the same time it will empower you with knowledge that has too long been hidden away from the American public.

If you read no other book this year, read this one. We are living in exceptionally interesting times. It is in our individual and national interest to learn as much as we can about how we arrived in these times and how we can take more control of our future.