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Grassroots Victory Over Missouri Militia Memo

March 28, 2009

dont_treadThe Missouri HIghway Patrol is retracting the infamous MIAC report on militia activity.


The Missouri Highway Patrol this week retracted a controversial report on militia activity and will change how such reports are reviewed before being distributed to law enforcement agencies.

The Highway Patrol also will open an investigation into the origin of the report, which linked conservative groups with domestic terrorism and named former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin.

The Highway Patrol’s announcement followed a news conference in which Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a Republican, suggested putting the director of public safety on administrative leave and investigating how the report was produced.

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Just a couple of days before the official retraction of the document, members of the Liberty Restoration Project visited Governor Jay Nixon’s office to ask why he had not complied with their request under Missouri’s Sunshine Law seeking information about the sources of the document. Here is the video they recorded:

Following the retraction of the document, Chuck Baldwin wrote the following response:

Well, there is still hope for liberty after all! After multiple thousands of phone calls, emails, faxes, and other communications from outraged citizens, the State of Missouri has rescinded its controversial “militia” report. This proves the point I made in this column recently that the most effective way to fight an ever-encroaching federal leviathan is to focus on our individual states.


Dear readers, please take a bow! Because of tens of thousands of patriotic, freedom-loving Americans–including thousands of courageous Missourians–the long arm of totalitarianism was shortened just a bit.

This sordid story is truly an embarrassment to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the State of Missouri. Governor Nixon, especially, is left with egg on his face for foolishly and stupidly standing behind the report, when he had either never read it, or, if he had, was just as guilty of political profiling as the ones who wrote the report.


With that said, here are the lessons all of us need to take to heart:

*Every police officer, deputy sheriff, and law enforcement officer in America who believes in constitutional government, individual liberty, and the Bill of Rights needs to be alert for any report that smacks of the MIAC report, and be willing to quickly “blow the whistle” on any such report they see.

*Lovers of freedom should be much encouraged to see what can happen when they are willing to stand up to their State governing officials as they see abridgements to their liberties taking place. I say again, the best way to fight these mushrooming despotic tendencies of government we seem to see everywhere is to focus on our State governments. Do you now see why I say that? Even if DHS was behind the MIAC report, it was the State of Missouri that had to implement it; and it was the State of Missouri that (under pressure) killed it.

*Notice, too, that we did not need the major media to achieve this victory. We cut off this one branch of the tyranny tree without the help of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX NEWS (with the exception of Glenn Beck), or even the Drudge Report. Victory was achieved with the weapons of talk radio, syndicated Internet columns, Internet blogging, local news media, and word of mouth.

You see, folks, we can achieve victory without the major media. But we must stay focused and actively involved in our respective State governments. “We the people” are still the power of this country. And don’t let anyone deceive you into believing anything else. Therefore, take heart in knowing that your diligence convinced the State of Missouri to rescind its atrocious MIAC report. Now, don’t let it stop there. Let’s faithfully cut off the tentacles of tyranny wherever we find them. Amen?

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Thanks to the relentless efforts of grassroots activists visiting Missouri legislators, emailing, blogging, posting on internet message boards, speaking to local media,  and filing a Sunshine Law request, the story of the atrocious “Missouri Militia Memo” could not be ignored.

Thanks also go to Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr for writing a brilliant letter to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon opposing the document and their inclusion in it.

Thanks as well to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for giving this issue national attention.

Say what you will about Alex Jones, but when he’s right, he’s right. A big thanks to Alex Jones and InfoWars for first shining a light on the document.

And a huge thank you to the brave Highway Patrol employee who leaked the document to Alex Jones in the first place. I hope that person’s identity is never discovered, lest he or she become subject to prosecution, persecution or any unpleasantness whatsover. That individual is a true American hero.

MIAC Contacts Liberty Restoration Project

March 23, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009, Major Replogle of the MIAC contacted Liberty Restoration Project’s Bryon Huber concerning the infamous Missouri Militia Memo:

I (Bryon) was contacted by Major Replogle who is in charge of Missouri’s Criminal Patrol, and oversees the MIAC. He called me on behalf of the Governor to discuss the Modern Militia Movement document. It was a great conversation and he assured me that the intent of the report was to educate police officers, officer safety and alert them of new trends. He also acknowledged that some of the wording could have been better, but that they (MIAC and MO) stand firmly behind this document. I asked him if it would be possible to have a retraction of the document, and he informed me that it was never meant for the eyes outside law enforcement and the officer who leaked the document violated the law. He also reminded me that they are standing firmly behind the document.

On behalf of the Liberty Restoration Project, I offered to bring a team of liberty minded citizens to a meeting to discuss crafting a new document that could be used in its stead. He welcomed the opportunity for us to come out and help educate their team. He also mentioned that not one law enforcement agency has contacted the MIAC to express disdain for the document, and that it appeared that all agencies were appreciative of the information in the document.

I asked Maj. Replogle about the officers that perished by the hands of “militia” members, he cited 3 unfortunate circumstances. I couldn’t write fast enough so please pardon my inaccurate recount of the officers or situation. He mentioned an officer who was killed in the line of duty in 1985 by a member of the Christian Identity Movement (white supremacist group). He cited the David Tate case where Mr. Tate was transporting a van full of explosives and automatic weapons. Tate was pulled over and he began to open fire on the officers, killing one with 11 rounds and another was wounded. Another officer died a year after being shot through a window of his own home (1987). Obviously the threat is real, and paramilitary groups do exist. He also added an example of a theoretical situation, that if he or another officer were to pull over a vehicle that was breaking the law, and they saw a bumper sticker that read “Don’t take my guns away”, they would instinctually use caution, that the person inside MAY have a firearm.

I was also repeatedly assured that no officer would profile vehicles with political information on the vehicles or because of profiling; he commented that the officers take the Constitution very seriously and would never encroach on our civil rights. If we ever felt that our rights were encroached upon, to contact the police department in question and let them know and an investigation will be launched.

With all that being said, he wanted me to inform EVERYONE that they have set-up an email account specifically for the MIAC concerns. He asked me to direct everyone to that email and they will look into everyone’s concerns. That email is:

Now here is my take on this conversation (Maj. Replogle, I hope you still understand my concerns and don’t hate me for this), the MIAC is not going to budge on this document, AND NEITHER ARE WE!!! Our demands are clear and precise. We feel that this document is a potential violation of our 1st Amendment rights to freely express ourselves without fear of being singled out. If Governor Nixon won’t retract this document and apologize for unintentionally slandering an ENTIRE group of AMERICAN’S based on their political beliefs, then we will continue to fight against the state of Missouri until we feel that this injustice is corrected.

So PLEASE, continue to call Governor Nixon and RESPECTFULLY tell them that you won’t tolerate being singled out as a domestic threat and that you will not spend one dime in Missouri, and advocate against his re-election until he fixes this.

(573) 751-3222
PLEASE continue to contact the MIAC, tell them thank you for taking the time to talk personally to the Liberty Restoration Project, but you won’t back down either!

We WON’T take this laying down! We won’t continue to slowly let our elected officials strip away what’s left of our liberty. What we are asking is NOT asking much. It wouldn’t take much for them to fix this problem, but their adamant defiance to respond to the people they EMPLOY will not be tolerated any more.

If we don’t stand out ground here, then we will have failed the children yet to come!!!


Bryon Huber

Director of Public Relation

Liberty Restoration Project

Major Replogle’s assurances are not terribly reassuring. The campaign to have this document retracted must go on.

MIAC Report – Update

March 16, 2009

Blog Blast from Liberty Restoration Project:


The Liberty Restoration Project (, a Kansas City-based political education organization has begun to implement a strategy in response to a Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) Strategic Report on the modern militia movement. The report, released February 20th, suggests that bumper stickers and publications showing support for Ron Paul, the Libertarian Party, the Campaign for Liberty, and other aspects of the Freedom Movement may be “political paraphernalia” used by members of radical militia groups. The report also considers anti-abortion signage, documentaries such as Freedom to Fascism, the Gadsden Flag, and signage critical of the Federal Reserve Bank to be “propaganda” and possible indications of paramilitary extremism.

The Liberty Restoration Project (LRP) has announced a five-part strategy to face the implications of the MIAC report:

1. SUNSHINE/FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUESTS: On Monday, March 16th, requests for documents, emails, publications and multimedia used as sources for the MIAC Report were made under the Sunshine Law in Missouri by members of LRP. These requests for developmental resources and information were hand-delivered to Governor Nixon, the State Highway Patrol, the Missouri Office of Homeland Security, and the Department of Public Safety.

2. THE MISSOURI LEGISLATURE: On Wednesday, March 18th an email blast and phone bank campaign will be launched to Missouri legislative representatives to make them aware of the Sunshine Law requests and to provide the MIAC information and to ask for an investigation. Once the Legislature is back in session (March 23rd), representatives of LRP, Campaign for Liberty, and other participants in the Freedom Movement will lobby legislators in person in Jefferson City.

3. MONEY TALKS: Working with Restore the Republic, Kansas City activists will begin strategic communication with the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and the Missouri Tourism Council. They will be notifying them of the intent to deter tourism and travel to Missouri until a retraction is made by Governor Nixon.

4. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Members of the Liberty Restoration Project will be releasing Letters to the Editor and Opinion Articles once the Governor and other agencies have had three days to reply to the Sunshine requests. The editorials will be sent to all newsprint and news media in Missouri.

5. A CALL TO JOIN US AND CONTINUE THE WORK: We in the Freedom Movement must continue the message. We have nothing to hide and nothing to fear – it is the ones who wrote the MIAC report that fear the Freedom Message. The Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference must sell out and get media attention and the Kansas City Monopoly March (End the FED II) on April 25th could be the biggest in the nation!

While the inclusion of our political movement may be a benign mistake in the intent of the MIAC report, the suggestion that criticism of government policy, a political philosophy outside of mainstream party design, and liberal activism is akin to terrorism must be revealed and abolished in its earliest stages. LRP also wishes the Department of Homeland Security to differentiate paramilitary anti-government groups, which the report considers to be “militia”, with a Constitutional militia which exists in many states throughout the Union. The Liberty Restoration Project is demanding a retraction by the Governor as the Chief Executive in title on the report itself and an apology from the MIAC. Please show your support by volunteering to phone-bank, donating, checking with officials in your state to see if similar documents exist, or just sending along a letter of encouragement.

In Liberty,
Kent Andel, The Liberty Restoration Project

Domestic Terrorist? Me?

March 15, 2009

gadsdenIn a story first broken by and confirmed by private citizens and local media (, Columbia Daily Tribune, KMOV, Fox 4 ), the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) distributed a report entitled “The Modern Militia Movement” to Missouri law enforcement agencies.

The document lists numerous criteria that law enforcement officers should look for in identifying potential domestic terrorists and militia members. Among these criteria are:

Belief that:

Obama may enact firearms confiscation

Obama may not meet constitutional requirements to hold the office of President

The New World Order is a real agenda of certain politicians and other powerful “elites”

FEMA camps may be real

US military forces may be used for firearms confiscation and relocating citizens to FEMA camps in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act

US government may fall due to economic collapse

Possible Contstitutional Convention may alter or remove the 1st and 2nd amendments

NAU is a real agenda of certain politicians and other powerful “elites”

County Sheriff is the highest local authority


Anger towards the Federal Reserve System and all forms of tax collection

Oppose Ammunition Accountability legislation

Oppose any required Universal Service Program in the US

Oppose RFID tracking of citizens

Ideologies Include:


White supremacist






Sovereign Citizen


tax resistors [sic]

Training Includes:

Military Simulation events – paintball or Airsoft “war games”

Militia and survival training events

Communications – short wave radio, internet forums, Yahoo groups, blogs and social networking sites, online talk shows

Recruitment – gun shows, internet forums, websites, social networking sites, informal social networks


  • Public groups – groups that “desire to aid the County Sheriff or Governor in emergencies such as a natural disaster”
  • Committees of Safety – organization “established to lobby government officials and confront corruption”

Common Militia Symbols:
Association with 3rd party political groups. Display of materials from the Constitution Party, Campaign for Liberty or Libertarian Party. “These members are usually supporters of former Presidential candidate: Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr”.

Pictures, cartoons, bumper stickers that contain anti-government rhetoric. Also the Gadsden (“Don’t Tread On Me”) Flag, Sovereign Citizen flags, upside down US flag, First Navy Jack. Other literature and media include Zeitgeist the Movie (anti Federal Reserve System) and America: Freedom to Fascism (anti income tax documentary).

One local Freedom Movement group, The Liberty Restoration Project, is asking for “a retraction of this document, and a public apology made, and if this is not met, the LRP has promised heavy activism against their Division and will pursue further actions to correct what they feel is a devastating misrepresentation of what the “Freedom Movement” is about.”

In addition to the above press release, the first step of the Liberty Restoration Project’s plan of action will be to deliver letters (with video cameras) requesting information from FEMA, Dept of Public Safety, Govenor Nixon, and MO Highway Patrol in accordance with Missouri’s Freedom of Information Act / Sunshine Law. They plan to deliver these letters on Monday, March 16, 2009.

I do not belong to any militia group and I am most certainly not a racist or neo-nazi but I do hold a number of the beliefs and display some of the “symbols” referenced in this document. I have been a follower of the Zero Agression Principle all my life, even before I learned it had a name. I have met many others in the Freedom Movement who could say the same. I also happen to live in Missouri, not far from one of the alleged FEMA camps.

Missouri law enforcement officers take note – I am not your enemy, nor are the many others like me. If a day ever comes when you are ordered to target and/or detain your fellow citizens based on profile elements from the MIAC document I hope you will remember this and remember to what and to whom you swore an oath.

For those of you who live in states other than Missouri, do you know what your state’s “Fusion Center” is doing? Be aware – these Fusion Centers are a national network.

Does having political opinions that differ from those of the current powers-that-be make me a potential terrorist? Have we really arrived at the point where even peaceful dissent makes one an enemy of the state?

I sincerely hope not.

Watch this blog for updates.