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The Appleseed Project

December 7, 2008

eagle_duoCalling all patriots to learn about and participate in the Appleseed Project.

Why Appleseed? The project’s web site has a list of great reasons but this is my personal favorite – “To gather new hope for the future. To see Americans — volunteer Americans — not sitting around complaining: no sir, out doing something about it — like saving their country, one person at a time.”

Even if you think you know all you need to know about rifle shooting, you may be surprised. My husband, a very accurate target shooter, went on an Appleseed shoot last year and said he actually learned quite a lot. The shooting skills Appleseed teaches are highly valuable lessons but you’ll also hear some important stories about the rifleman’s honored place in our nation’s history.

Learn more about the Appleseed Project on their web site, and also in this very interesting article by William Buppert – On The Road With the Appleseed Project: Creating Liberty One Rifleman at a Time.