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A Nation in Distress

December 7, 2008



Plainfield woman flies U.S. flag upside down to send distress call to leaders.

Debra Brzostowski of Plainfield, Ill., has turned the American flag flying on the front of her house upside down to protest the U.S. government’s bailout of failing banks.

Like many Americans, Debra Brzostowski says she’s disgusted that the government has so generously given to rich Wall Street bankers when struggling homeowners have gotten so little in these tough economic times.

To channel that frustration, the small-business owner has written her local representatives in Congress. She’s also written the vice president, the president and the president-elect. When she got no response, Brzostowski did the only other thing in her power to do: She turned the American flag flying outside her home upside down.

“This is a distress call to the government,” said Brzostowski, 38. “I’m a proud American and I’ve always supported my government, but there are too many people like me hurting right now.”

I think this is great way to peacefully protest the government’s bailout frenzy. There is no denying that our economy – indeed, our very way of life – is in distress right now.

As Jacob Steelman explains in his article, A Fateful Turn:

America is about to make another fateful turn toward a command-and-control economy from which it will become much more difficult to return.

The structure of this new expanded American command-and-control economy apparently is to be similar to the fascist economy of Italy adopted by the dictator Benito Mussolini, empire builder and ally of Adolph Hitler and the fascist Nazi (National Socialist) Germany. Under fascism the companies maintain their corporate identities and names while the government provides the capital and owns (and controls) the underlying assets of the company. Thus, the appearance of a private market economy exists while in fact the government owns the means of production and distribution. Like fascist Italy this American command-and-control economy will be directed at the point of a gun by politicians and bureaucrats (if you do not believe me resist to the nth degree paying your taxes or complying with a government regulation and see what happens when the police show up at your home to take you away). Political pull and power will become the new “capital” as certain individuals, interest groups, unions and companies jockey for position to promote themselves and thwart their competitors in this government-directed society and economy. A vivid depiction of life in such a world is set out in Ayn Rand’s timeless classic Atlas Shrugged. For example, long a thorn in the side of the US banking cartel, headed by the Federal Reserve, Wall Street investment banking has been wiped out by the Fed’s and Treasury’s takeover of the industry through a combination of bail outs, pre-packaged bankruptcies or forced mergers and conversions of investment banks into the banking cartel.

Make no mistake, corporatism is fascism and the United States has already taken steps down that dark road.

Two New Peter Schiff Videos

December 4, 2008

Peter Schiff Schools Mainstream Econohacks on Great Depression
A compilation of clips with Peter Schiff telling the truth about what caused the Great Depression.


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