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Welcome AlphaInventions Visitors

October 31, 2009

To all of you finding your way to this blog via AlphaInventions, welcome and thanks for clicking through! I hope you’ll learn a few things and maybe start looking at things in a new way.

I do this blog in my spare time so sometimes it doesn’t get updated for a few days at a stretch, but come back often and leave comments when something interests you.

For those not familiar with , it is an innovative web site & web app written by Cheru Jackson. It displays a continuous cycle of “screenshots” of recent blog updates published by a wide variety of bloggers, helping bloggers connect to each other and to find new readers. Check it out – you’ll see what I mean.

The best thing about It’s innovation brought about by an individual with an idea and the skills to carry it out. A brilliant example of what the free market can do when it’s allowed to function without government involvement.