Over 18,000 Attend Protest Event in Cinncinnati

cincinnatirally090409-600x450Issues, not politics, is their cup of Tea
An estimated 18,000 attend event at Voice of America Park in West Cherster Twp

Some were clad in colonial-era costumes. Some hoisted signs or waved American flags. But the thousands who filled the lawn in front of the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 5, were consistent in their passionate plea for change.

Whether it was health care reform, a country at war, education, government bailouts, the national debt or Congressional term limits, it was the issues — not politicians — that took center stage at the rally hosted by the Cincinnati Tea Party.

The crowd continued to grow throughout the afternoon, and an estimated 18,000 people had come together at the event’s peak, according to Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones.

Jones said the crowd Saturday nearly doubled that of the Tea Party’s event he witnessed in Columbus, which drew an estimated 10,000 people to the state’s capital in April.

Saturday’s rally drew people from all over the region, many to view the day’s highly anticipated town hall-style forum featuring U.S. Reps. Jean Schmidt and Michael Turner, Ohio gubernatorial candidate John Kasich and House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-West Chester Twp.

“It was college football’s opening day, and we were looking at some serious competition,” said Chris Littleton, director of the Tea Party’s Community Groups, which include West Chester and Liberty townships, Monroe and Fairfield. “These people came out to talk about their personal liberties being taken away instead. That’s crazy. It’s bizarre.

“People are engaged and (the movement) is going to continue to gather steam and momentum,” Littleton said. “People are engaged and saying, ‘I’m going to make my voice heard, I’m going to be politically active.’”

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3 Comments on “Over 18,000 Attend Protest Event in Cinncinnati”

  1. Ben Hoffman Says:

    That’s good, but hopefully people realize that Boehner helped Bush double the national debt, helped to make the case for war with Iraq, helped destroy our economy so that the bailouts were necessary to keep the country from plunging into a full fledged depression, and aided Bush in taking away personal liberties which Obama has started to restore, but still has a way to go.

  2. Patrick Greene Says:

    It’s not about Boehner, it’s about stopping the socialist take over of America. Maybe you don’t get it: Bush and Obama and McCain had exactly the same plans for the economy. Obama supported the bailouts before he was elected, and continued them. There was not one real difference between the economic plans of McCain and Obama. The good thing is that the Republicans are NOT taking the lead in the opposition. A few, not career Republicans are trying to change things, I don’t know of any Democrats that are, but inform me if you do. Dr. Rand Paul is one example. Support him in Kentucky, not because he is a Republican, because he loves the Constitution and Liberty.

  3. Patrick Greene Says:

    I might add that I have searched and searched and there is NO mention of this gathering of 18000 people in the MSM. How can that be? My wife is Polish, we met and married in 1987, in West [Free] Berlin. During this time [1980’s] her cousin was put in prison for anti-communist actions. The press in Poland lied and covered up everything they could. They told the people there was no food in Poland because the food was sent to the West to pay the capitalists. So Solidarity blew up the railroad tracks to Russia, and the trains headed East started to stink from the rotting food. Yes, MSM, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. You are dying as a business because people understand you lie. The only reason most people still get newspapers is to read the classifieds and the advertisments. Not the fake news.

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