54% Say No to Obamacare

thumb_down5 Brand new Rasmussen Poll numbers:

54% say no health care reform passed by Congress this year would be the better than passing the House bill.


“Middle income voters, those who earn from $40,000 to $75,000 a year, are most strongly in favor of taking no action.

A plurality of voters under 30 say passage of the Congressional legislation is better. A majority of adults over 30 take the opposite view.

Just 42% of U.S. voters now favor the plan while 53% are opposed. Those who oppose the effort feel more strongly about it.

One reason that the President has been careful to distinguish between his idea of health care reform and a single payer system is that just 32% favor Single-Payer health care while 57% are opposed.

What will happen when Congress return to DC? Will the Democrats continue to insist that town hall demonstrators are “not representative” of the American people? Will they pass this monstrous bill anyway, in spite of majority opposition of the people, like they did with Bush’s TARP and Obama’s Stimulus? By the way, how well have those two mega-sized, mega-expensive programs worked out so far? Just sayin’.

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One Comment on “54% Say No to Obamacare”

  1. jhmoore Says:

    The American people are now living in fear that our country is being run by Chicago Gangsters and left-wing political terrorists with a socialist agenda.
    They have taken over the banks,financial institutions and car makers.Now they want Health Care.

    Town hall meetings are being broken up by SEIU and ACORN goon squads. Some meetings are deliberately staged in an attempt to portray unity by the DEM party.

    Thanks to Obama, David Axelrod and Jim Messina our freedom of speech is gone. Anyone who speaks out is marginalized or belittled. I have counted many outright lies by President Obama in the last few days. The last being that AARP was on-board to support the OBAMA Care bill.I called AARP and asked they said it was untrue and a lie. Who do you believe and how can you trust anyone. Not our Government for sure.

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