Sham Hall in New Hampshire

Well Obama’s town hall in New Hampshire today was certainly a sham.

Using a little girl to get a dig in at the opposition (why are there people outside with signs “saying mean things” about health care). What, you thought that was real? Hahahahahahaha.

“Julia’s mother was an early Obama supporter in Massachusetts during the presidential election, so she had previously met First Lady Michelle Obama, the Obama daughters Sasha and Malia, and Vice President Joe Biden.”

From the Boston Globe

Lying about AARP endorsing his plan.

Claiming he does not support single-payer health care when he certainly does.

But the best part was when he accidentally told the truth. Obamacare will be like the post office – constantly in need of cash infusions from the taxpayers.

Anyone who believes the “public option” insurance will a) not undermine or kill off private insurance b) pay for itself and c) not repeatedly come crying to Congress for many billions of dollars is living in a fantasy world.

Haven’t we seen enough in recent months of government-fed giants unable to stand on their own? Do people honestly need to be reminded of FannieMae, FreddieMac and AIG? Do they not understand that the government funded health care we already have (Medicare, Medicaid) are all but flat busted broke? I don’t want to call people stupid, but geez! Grow up already!

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