WHO is the Angry Mob?

The White House and the DNC have accused citizens coming out to protest government takeover of health care of being an “angry mob” and astroturf. But let’s get real. Who is the angry mob, really?

From The LRC Blog:

Violence at town meetings? The SEIU and ACORN thugs come ready for blood, courtesy of Obamaite compassion for all people. Writes Brian Ramsdell:

Here is a link to some protest footage shot by my friend from college, Andrew Reder, at the town hall meeting held in Tampa, FL. Here are his own words “This is Public Townhall meeting on Health Care reform with Rep. Kathy Castor. The room held 230 people and 175 ACORN and SEIU (union) members were allowed to enter an hour before the general public were allowed to enter. The 500 protestors were forced outside. This video shows police and ACORN members slamming the doors to this PUBLIC EVENT.” I Believe he was interviewed by the local media as well. It’s good to see such widespread distaste for this leviathan takeover of healthcare. Just thought you’d like to see the footage.

And in St. Louis, Missouri protesters were beaten by “guests” of Congressman Russ Carnahan at his town hall meeting. The Hot Air Blog has coverage as does Gateway Pundit. At least one of the “guests” was arrested.

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