The Problems With Socialized Government Healthcare

Your senators and representatives are back in their home districts during August. Make sure they know how you feel about government run healthcare.

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4 Comments on “The Problems With Socialized Government Healthcare”

  1. A liberal one Says:

    mmh… usual conservative stereotypical rhetoric (but persuading people with a well-crafted advertisement masqueraded as a friendly speech is profoundly dishonest!).

    Come on, be just a bit more serious, compare REAL things instead of evoking the ridiculous ghost of socialism (republicans are so monomaniacal about this topic…)!

    By the way, western european countries (which are notoriously NOT a gang of bolsheviks) have provided universal health coverage for decades simply because ensuring equal care to poorer citizens is considered a basic human right.

    Read this comment for example:

    • 13oclock Says:

      “persuading people with a well-crafted advertisement masqueraded as a friendly speech is profoundly dishonest”

      Which is different from what Barack Obama does every other day, how exactly?

      • A liberal one Says:

        Rhetoric is just rhetoric, should it be either left- or right-winged (no difference).

        IMHO, disputes over public issues should be fought on a fair intellectual ground, based on numbers, NOT evocative jingles, seductive voices and zero contents.

        Do you assert public health coverage is evil? no problem, but justify your assertion with *verifiable* (statistical) arguments.

        Empty rhetoric (again: right- or left-winged makes no difference) implies considering one’s audience made up of fools…

      • 13oclock Says:

        Well then we agree on that, at least.

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