Ron Paul on Health Care, The Fed, and the Economy


Yahoo! Ron Paul. The Congressman was interviewed by Yahoo!’s TechTicker on several subjects. Here are three of them.

Healthcare Is “Not a Right” and Obama’s Plan Will Cost Way Beyond $1T, Ron Paul Says

 Ron Paul: The American People Demand Transparency! Audit the Fed!

How a “Very Pessimistic” Ron Paul Would Fix the Economy

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2 Comments on “Ron Paul on Health Care, The Fed, and the Economy”

  1. Norris Hall Says:

    A parable

    One day a poor pregnant woman came to Ron Paul
    “Oh, wise one” cried the woman. “I want to have an abortion. I have no money to raise this child”
    Ron Paul gazed upon the poor woman and replied “No. Woman. The baby in your belly has a right to life. Go and have your baby and forget about an abortion”
    So the woman had her baby.
    The baby was born gravely sick.
    It needed a doctor and expensive medical care.
    So the woman returned to the Congressman
    “My baby is sick. But I have no health insurance. My child needs expensive medical care. But I am poor and cannot afford a doctor nor the medical care that will keep him alive.”
    Ron Paul placed his hands on the poor woman’s head.
    “Health care is not a right. It is a good.” He reminded her . “If you knew you could never afford health insurance, you should never have had your baby.”

    The woman’s child died after much sufferin

    • 13oclock Says:

      Norris, you either did not take even five minutes to learn anything about Dr. Paul or you are wilfully ignorant. It is well documented that in his medical practice, Dr. Paul often treated poor patients for free. See here, here and here for just three examples of what I’m talking about.

      Your parable would have been more accurate if Dr. Paul had referred the woman to a pediatrician who believes as Dr. Paul does – that doctors have a responsibility to do a certain amount of pro bono work. He probably would not have treated the child himself only because he is an OB-GYN doctor and would have wanted the child to see a doctor who would be more familiar with child health care.

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