Service and Student Loans

Barack Obama wants to completely change the college loan program to stop using private banks and have students get loans directly from the government.

Last week, Congress passed Obama’s $3.4 trillion budget for fiscal year 2010. The budget specifies $46.7 billion for education which includes funding for the plan to remove private banks from the college loan program.

The national service bill Obama signed last month “ties volunteer work to money for college“.

chainsIf college loans will be made directly to students by the federal government and if the national service act ties “volunteer” work to money for college, there will surely come a day when only students who “volunteer” will qualify for student loans. And then “volunteering”, for all intents and purposes, becomes mandatory for all but the wealthiest citizens.

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One Comment on “Service and Student Loans”

  1. Foxwood Says:

    It’s not volunteer work if you don’t volunteer. Napoleon is going to take your puppies and they will come back to bite you.

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