Montana Moves Toward Sound Money

A bit of sanity in a world that seems to grow more insane each day – Montana’s sound money bill passed the Montana house with no opposition.

From the LRC Blog :

Montana’s Sound Money Bill
Posted by Karen DeCoster at March 22, 2009 05:10 PM

I heard from a member of Bob Wagner’s family – the state rep who introduced the sound money bill in Montana. He writes: “There were no opponents. I was told this morning (trying to verify now) that the bill passed the house on a unanimous vote. The concept is being promoted as an “insurance” policy against dollar devaluation.” Indeed, here’s the YouTube of the hearings. I posted Part 10 because it has Wagner’s closing statements and it verifies that there was no opposition to the bill.

Also, reader A.B. Daba tipped me off to this: the Georgia Constitutional Tender Act, which would would “require the use of gold and silver coin for the repayment of debts to the state, notably all state taxes (oh, thanks!). It would also mandate that any bank conducting business with the state accept gold and silver coins as deposits.”

These actions on the part of individual states should give us optimism. Citizens of Montana, Georgia, etc., are tired of the central planning, corporatism, and totalitarian decrees on the part of D.C. and New York. They have had enough of these far-away, centralizing egomaniacs trying to run their states, their lives. As I always say – Guns, Gold, Secession.

For a primer on secession I recommend Secessionist Paper No. 19 by Don Livingston. In fact, the American Secessionist Project website contains many great articles, including some from our own LRC authors like Block, DiLorenzo, Woods, and Pierce. Also see the Mises Institute book, Secession, Sate, and Liberty.


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