MIAC Contacts Liberty Restoration Project

Friday, March 20, 2009, Major Replogle of the MIAC contacted Liberty Restoration Project’s Bryon Huber concerning the infamous Missouri Militia Memo:

I (Bryon) was contacted by Major Replogle who is in charge of Missouri’s Criminal Patrol, and oversees the MIAC. He called me on behalf of the Governor to discuss the Modern Militia Movement document. It was a great conversation and he assured me that the intent of the report was to educate police officers, officer safety and alert them of new trends. He also acknowledged that some of the wording could have been better, but that they (MIAC and MO) stand firmly behind this document. I asked him if it would be possible to have a retraction of the document, and he informed me that it was never meant for the eyes outside law enforcement and the officer who leaked the document violated the law. He also reminded me that they are standing firmly behind the document.

On behalf of the Liberty Restoration Project, I offered to bring a team of liberty minded citizens to a meeting to discuss crafting a new document that could be used in its stead. He welcomed the opportunity for us to come out and help educate their team. He also mentioned that not one law enforcement agency has contacted the MIAC to express disdain for the document, and that it appeared that all agencies were appreciative of the information in the document.

I asked Maj. Replogle about the officers that perished by the hands of “militia” members, he cited 3 unfortunate circumstances. I couldn’t write fast enough so please pardon my inaccurate recount of the officers or situation. He mentioned an officer who was killed in the line of duty in 1985 by a member of the Christian Identity Movement (white supremacist group). He cited the David Tate case where Mr. Tate was transporting a van full of explosives and automatic weapons. Tate was pulled over and he began to open fire on the officers, killing one with 11 rounds and another was wounded. Another officer died a year after being shot through a window of his own home (1987). Obviously the threat is real, and paramilitary groups do exist. He also added an example of a theoretical situation, that if he or another officer were to pull over a vehicle that was breaking the law, and they saw a bumper sticker that read “Don’t take my guns away”, they would instinctually use caution, that the person inside MAY have a firearm.

I was also repeatedly assured that no officer would profile vehicles with political information on the vehicles or because of profiling; he commented that the officers take the Constitution very seriously and would never encroach on our civil rights. If we ever felt that our rights were encroached upon, to contact the police department in question and let them know and an investigation will be launched.

With all that being said, he wanted me to inform EVERYONE that they have set-up an email account specifically for the MIAC concerns. He asked me to direct everyone to that email and they will look into everyone’s concerns. That email is:


Now here is my take on this conversation (Maj. Replogle, I hope you still understand my concerns and don’t hate me for this), the MIAC is not going to budge on this document, AND NEITHER ARE WE!!! Our demands are clear and precise. We feel that this document is a potential violation of our 1st Amendment rights to freely express ourselves without fear of being singled out. If Governor Nixon won’t retract this document and apologize for unintentionally slandering an ENTIRE group of AMERICAN’S based on their political beliefs, then we will continue to fight against the state of Missouri until we feel that this injustice is corrected.

So PLEASE, continue to call Governor Nixon and RESPECTFULLY tell them that you won’t tolerate being singled out as a domestic threat and that you will not spend one dime in Missouri, and advocate against his re-election until he fixes this.

(573) 751-3222
PLEASE continue to contact the MIAC, tell them thank you for taking the time to talk personally to the Liberty Restoration Project, but you won’t back down either!


We WON’T take this laying down! We won’t continue to slowly let our elected officials strip away what’s left of our liberty. What we are asking is NOT asking much. It wouldn’t take much for them to fix this problem, but their adamant defiance to respond to the people they EMPLOY will not be tolerated any more.

If we don’t stand out ground here, then we will have failed the children yet to come!!!


Bryon Huber

Director of Public Relation

Liberty Restoration Project


Major Replogle’s assurances are not terribly reassuring. The campaign to have this document retracted must go on.

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2 Comments on “MIAC Contacts Liberty Restoration Project”

  1. paulag1955 Says:

    I find it interesting that, when pressed for specific instances of danger to officers, all three instances offered were 20 years old. If the threat is that old, what prompted the memo at this time?

    It’s also disturbing that, when asked to have the document retracted, the response was that it wasn’t meant for outside eyes. Is that supposed to make people feel better? That documents such as this, which implicate ordinary citizens in unlawful activity based merely on political preference, would be circulated in secret?

    The officer who leaked the memo may have broken the law, but what he did what was right.

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