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Alan Colmes: Leave My President Alone

March 31, 2009

sfAlan Colmes: Leave My President Alone

 I have a great idea. Leave the guy alone. Yes, LEAVE OBAMA ALONE. I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t hold our government officials accountable, but how about giving the new chief time to find out where the men’s room is in the White House? I know what you might be thinking if you’re not a Democrat: “You liberals hated Bush from day one and never gave him a chance.” Not true. We gave him time to screw up and he didn’t disappoint. But even if what you’re is saying is true, don’t let our bad behavior be a blueprint for your own. Besides, aren’t you the ones who said “Give Bush a chance”? When September 11 happened on Bush’s watch didn’t you defend him by saying he’d only been in office nine months?

Monday, March 30, is just the 70th day of the Obama presidency. He’s addressed the economy, health care, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our relationship with Iran. In fact, he’s even been accused of doing too much too soon –as if he wouldn’t have faced criticism for doing too little had he not taken the steps he’s taken. One of the reasons he’s had to be pro-active is because he inherited a mess. And climbing out of a ditch takes longer than it did to get in it because to climb out you’re going against gravity.

Leave Obama alone. Stop it. Stop it now. We’re not headed toward communism. We’re not becoming a socialist nation. (We already became one under Bush). The middle class is not disappearing. (That, too happened during the last 8 years and the stimulus will hopefully bring that back.) Leave him alone. The next election will be here soon enough. Leave him alone. Go about your business. And have a nice day.

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Hey, I only criticize because everything he’s done since day one has been completely, disasterously wrong.

Yep, Government Motors It Is

March 30, 2009

car_salesman_sleezyPresident Barack Obama says the federal government is preparing to offer several incentives to get Americans to buy more U.S.-made cars.

In a White House speech, Obama said the IRS will start notifying consumers who purchased cars after Feb. 16 that they can deduct the cost of any sales and excise taxes. The program would remain in effect till year’s end.

Obama says he wants to work with Congress to use parts of the economic stimulus package to fund a program that would allow consumers to get a “generous credit” when they replace an older, less fuel-efficient car and buy a new, cleaner car.

The president says he wants to make the program retroactive starting Monday. It’s meant to boost car sales in the U.S., which have seen their worst decline in 27 years.

Obama also said the government will guarantee warranties on any GM or Chrysler vehicles.


GM CEO Rick Wagoner to Resign at White House Request

March 29, 2009

Big news about General Government Motors!

General Motors Corp. Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner will step down immediately at the request of the White House, administration officials said Sunday. The news comes as President Obama prepares to unveil additional restructuring efforts designed to save the domestic auto industry.

The officials asked not to be identified because details of the restructuring plan have not yet been made public. On Monday, Obama is to announce plans to restructure GM and Chrysler LLC in exchange for additional government loans. The companies have been living on $17.4 billion in government aid and have requested $21.6 billion more.

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GM lost $31 billion in 2008 ($9 billion in Q4 alone) and more analysts lately have been questioning the viability of the company. This sounds like a job for…..


SuperObama! Faster than mainstream media’s ability to focus! More powerful than a global economic downturn!. Able to turn a bankrupt company into a profitable enterprise in a single day!

Or not. Details to be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned, kids.

Missouri Militia Memo Fallout

March 28, 2009

theworstpartofcensorshikh3The Missouri MIAC report has been retracted and apologies have been made to Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr. While all that is a victory for the grassroots, there are still lingering questions.


Who wrote the document?

Following a news conference in which Missouri Lt. Governor Pete Kinder called for “putting the director of public safety on administrative leave and investigating how the report was produced”, the Missouri Highway Patrol announced it “will open an investigation into the origin of the report“.

I have heard more than one source voice suspicion that this report was the work of  the Southern Poverty Law Center. In his response to the document’s retraction, Chuck Baldwin said,

“If we can continue to probe the details of the MIAC report, I am absolutely convinced we will find that this report actually originates with Morris Dees and his ultra-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center. And if my hunch (a very educated hunch, I might add) is correct, it means that the DHS and various State police agencies around the country are allowing a left-wing special interest group to use them to harass, intimidate, and profile people with conservative political opinions.”

And the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has issued a national advisory also placing blame for the document’s content on the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti Defamation League. In their advisory ALIPAC says,

 “The Southern Poverty Law Center was cited as a research source for the ‘Missouri Documents’. Furthermore, the attempt of these documents to cast suspicion of violent and life threatening behavior on millions of Americans who are concerned about these issues is consistent with the regularly released political materials of both the SPLC and ADL.”

Why did Governor Nixon initially stand behind the document and why has he still not complied with Sunshine Law information requests concerning it?

Chuck Baldwin also wrote, “This sordid story is truly an embarrassment to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the State of Missouri. Governor Nixon, especially, is left with egg on his face for foolishly and stupidly standing behind the report, when he had either never read it, or, if he had, was just as guilty of political profiling as the ones who wrote the report.”

Perhaps this article from August 2007 written by Jack Cashill, an independent writer and producer and, on a contractual basis, the Executive Editor of Ingram’s Magazine, Kansas City’s premier business magazine, gives us a clue:

Jay Nixon’s War on Terror

Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon is running for governor of Missouri and expects to win. Most local pundits expect the same.

On Nixon’s official campaign web site, the popular four-term AG reminds us that he has been “a national and state leader in fighting crime, protecting consumers, and safeguarding the taxpayers’ money.”

But Jay Nixon tells us not a word about his once upon a time role as national and state leader in the war on terror. Yes, the war on terror. As The Kansas City Star reported a decade back, when it came to terror groups, Nixon was keen on “taking the hardest line of any attorney general in the nation.”

As will soon become clear, this is something that Nixon would rather forget. But for Heather Johnson* and fourteen other Missouri citizens, there is no forgetting and no forgiving. Allow me to explain.

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As we continue to press for answers to these questions, it is important that we remember to stand against tyranny in all its forms, wherever we find it. 

To help you recognize tyranny, consider The Smoking Argus Daily Information Analysis Center” report entitled “The Modern Tyranny Movement” (pdf file – a parody of the MIAC report, though far more accurate in its descriptions).

Grassroots Victory Over Missouri Militia Memo

March 28, 2009

dont_treadThe Missouri HIghway Patrol is retracting the infamous MIAC report on militia activity.


The Missouri Highway Patrol this week retracted a controversial report on militia activity and will change how such reports are reviewed before being distributed to law enforcement agencies.

The Highway Patrol also will open an investigation into the origin of the report, which linked conservative groups with domestic terrorism and named former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin.

The Highway Patrol’s announcement followed a news conference in which Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a Republican, suggested putting the director of public safety on administrative leave and investigating how the report was produced.

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Just a couple of days before the official retraction of the document, members of the Liberty Restoration Project visited Governor Jay Nixon’s office to ask why he had not complied with their request under Missouri’s Sunshine Law seeking information about the sources of the document. Here is the video they recorded:

Following the retraction of the document, Chuck Baldwin wrote the following response:

Well, there is still hope for liberty after all! After multiple thousands of phone calls, emails, faxes, and other communications from outraged citizens, the State of Missouri has rescinded its controversial “militia” report. This proves the point I made in this column recently that the most effective way to fight an ever-encroaching federal leviathan is to focus on our individual states.


Dear readers, please take a bow! Because of tens of thousands of patriotic, freedom-loving Americans–including thousands of courageous Missourians–the long arm of totalitarianism was shortened just a bit.

This sordid story is truly an embarrassment to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the State of Missouri. Governor Nixon, especially, is left with egg on his face for foolishly and stupidly standing behind the report, when he had either never read it, or, if he had, was just as guilty of political profiling as the ones who wrote the report.


With that said, here are the lessons all of us need to take to heart:

*Every police officer, deputy sheriff, and law enforcement officer in America who believes in constitutional government, individual liberty, and the Bill of Rights needs to be alert for any report that smacks of the MIAC report, and be willing to quickly “blow the whistle” on any such report they see.

*Lovers of freedom should be much encouraged to see what can happen when they are willing to stand up to their State governing officials as they see abridgements to their liberties taking place. I say again, the best way to fight these mushrooming despotic tendencies of government we seem to see everywhere is to focus on our State governments. Do you now see why I say that? Even if DHS was behind the MIAC report, it was the State of Missouri that had to implement it; and it was the State of Missouri that (under pressure) killed it.

*Notice, too, that we did not need the major media to achieve this victory. We cut off this one branch of the tyranny tree without the help of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX NEWS (with the exception of Glenn Beck), or even the Drudge Report. Victory was achieved with the weapons of talk radio, syndicated Internet columns, Internet blogging, local news media, and word of mouth.

You see, folks, we can achieve victory without the major media. But we must stay focused and actively involved in our respective State governments. “We the people” are still the power of this country. And don’t let anyone deceive you into believing anything else. Therefore, take heart in knowing that your diligence convinced the State of Missouri to rescind its atrocious MIAC report. Now, don’t let it stop there. Let’s faithfully cut off the tentacles of tyranny wherever we find them. Amen?

Read the full article here.

Thanks to the relentless efforts of grassroots activists visiting Missouri legislators, emailing, blogging, posting on internet message boards, speaking to local media,  and filing a Sunshine Law request, the story of the atrocious “Missouri Militia Memo” could not be ignored.

Thanks also go to Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr for writing a brilliant letter to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon opposing the document and their inclusion in it.

Thanks as well to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for giving this issue national attention.

Say what you will about Alex Jones, but when he’s right, he’s right. A big thanks to Alex Jones and InfoWars for first shining a light on the document.

And a huge thank you to the brave Highway Patrol employee who leaked the document to Alex Jones in the first place. I hope that person’s identity is never discovered, lest he or she become subject to prosecution, persecution or any unpleasantness whatsover. That individual is a true American hero.

Debt Star

March 27, 2009


(Thanks to Bill Walker via LRC Blog)

Apology! (sort of)

March 24, 2009

seal_moThe state of Missouri apologizes to Paul, Barr & Baldwin over MIAC report.

But “domestic terror” smears against anti-abortion, anti-gun control, bumper sticker political activists will remain. Read the full story at, where the story first broke two weeks ago.

Read the letter Paul, Barr and Baldwin sent to Governor Nixon here (PDF). Read the letter of apology here (PDF).

Song of the Day 3.24.2009

March 24, 2009

I’m not a huge fan of heavy metal, but this song has been running through my head ever since yesterday’s insane stock market rally and Tax-Cheat Timmy’s announcement of the Treasury’s plan for toxic assets.

Montana Moves Toward Sound Money

March 23, 2009

A bit of sanity in a world that seems to grow more insane each day – Montana’s sound money bill passed the Montana house with no opposition.

From the LRC Blog :

Montana’s Sound Money Bill
Posted by Karen DeCoster at March 22, 2009 05:10 PM

I heard from a member of Bob Wagner’s family – the state rep who introduced the sound money bill in Montana. He writes: “There were no opponents. I was told this morning (trying to verify now) that the bill passed the house on a unanimous vote. The concept is being promoted as an “insurance” policy against dollar devaluation.” Indeed, here’s the YouTube of the hearings. I posted Part 10 because it has Wagner’s closing statements and it verifies that there was no opposition to the bill.

Also, reader A.B. Daba tipped me off to this: the Georgia Constitutional Tender Act, which would would “require the use of gold and silver coin for the repayment of debts to the state, notably all state taxes (oh, thanks!). It would also mandate that any bank conducting business with the state accept gold and silver coins as deposits.”

These actions on the part of individual states should give us optimism. Citizens of Montana, Georgia, etc., are tired of the central planning, corporatism, and totalitarian decrees on the part of D.C. and New York. They have had enough of these far-away, centralizing egomaniacs trying to run their states, their lives. As I always say – Guns, Gold, Secession.

For a primer on secession I recommend Secessionist Paper No. 19 by Don Livingston. In fact, the American Secessionist Project website contains many great articles, including some from our own LRC authors like Block, DiLorenzo, Woods, and Pierce. Also see the Mises Institute book, Secession, Sate, and Liberty.


Maybe Radical Ideas Are Exactly What We Need

March 23, 2009

People in New York think the time has come to start listening to radicals.