State Budget Deficits vs 2008 Election Results

A couple of interesting maps when you compare them side by side:

With very few exceptions, it seems the states with lower budget deficits (or none at all) are traditionally “red states”. Maybe the ideas of lower taxes, less regulation and free market economy aren’t so bad after all, hmmm?

Most conservatives will probably agree the Republican Party has gone astray, at least to some degree, over the last couple of decades but when it comes to fiscal responsibility they are still doing much better than the Democrats (at least on a state level).

You can view the larger, interactive versions of these maps at the following links:

Where Does Your State Rank? from CNNMoney (click the “State Budget Deficit” tab above the map).

2008 Election Map from NPR

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10 Comments on “State Budget Deficits vs 2008 Election Results”

  1. Steve Brack Says:

    I live in Ohio, and the Ohio Constitution prohibits deficit spending. How is it that Ohio is included in the deficit category? Also, the majority of Ohio’s COngressional delegation are Republican. It’s not as blue as it looks here.

  2. TJ Says:

    It’s also weird that anyone would compare federal voting patterns with state deficits, given the state governments control the state deficit.

    Given the empirical fact that the Republicans are a party of big government and massive deficits at the federal level, one might think that maybe having lots of Republicans in Congress who are able to send thick slabs of juicy pork back to their home states might have also something to do with the lower state deficits.

    Depending on your bias you could spin this a dozen different ways.

    • Mark P Says:

      Republicans the party of big government? You’re kidding, right? Basically, Bush fell out of favor with conservatives because he overspent. He deserved to loose for it. But, please don’t accuse Republicans of being for big government. The current Dem admin is in the process of adding some 600,000 government jobs. They’ve nationalized banks and taken ownership of GM. Don’t forget about the Democrat Porkulus Bill that contained $225B worth of earmarks. Now’s that what I call BIG government!

      • Patrick Mulrain Says:

        Check this out they are also the least educated and poorest states. What do you think that means? They sacrifce their childern’s education and welfare for personal wealth?
        ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’ Matthew 25:45

      • 13oclock Says:

        Sorry, Patrick, but not quite. Some of the Southeast states are among the poorest and least educated, but that is not consistent across all (or even most) of the low-deficit red states shown in the posted maps.

        Nice try.

      • Mike Says:

        Patrick, thanks for the useless link to the census homepage. Care to drill down a bit with this supposition? At the end of the day, regardless of education level, a state can either meet its budget or not. In liberal nirvana, we’d all hold PhD’s, but economics prevails; alas, the individual (or parent) must be held accountable for his/her education level, not big brother.

        The OP’s premise is something I’ve always wanted to explore and does lead to interesting conclusions. In my opinion, the tenet of fiscal conservatism infers that a state is managed within its means of tax revenue.

  3. Conservative in NY Says:

    A very poorly conceived argument and article, which compares a one year budget situation and a single election map and draw a conclusion to an obvious political slant. Moreover, the ‘red states’ heralded – for the large part, run considerable deficits with Federal taxes – in short, they balance their budgets on the backs of taxes of the 17 states that receive less Federal revenue than the pay in Federal taxes (source Tax Foundation data 2007) – interesting enough 16 of these states voted blue in the 2008 election. Following the logic of this article, shouldnt the other 16 states should ask the red states to wean themselves from their welfare program??

    Too bad you weren’t paying attention to neither your conservative nor liberal professors in school – idiots like this give fiscal conservatives a bad name.

  4. government jobs are still the best when it comes to job security ~.;

  5. […] State Budget Deficits vs 2008 Election Results February 2009 8 comments 3 […]

  6. jsk Says:

    All the latest Federal Budget News

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