Economic Survival Tips

Articles with tips on stretching your budget are popping up everywhere lately. I found a couple of good ones just this week (links below). Tips include buying used items, using cash whenever possible and learning to tolerate spiders.

Top 9 Good Habits for a Deep Recession

Tolerating Spiders, Using Your Credit Cards, and Other Depression Survival Tactics

My grandparents were children during the 1930’s Great Depression. The thriftful habits they learned during that time stayed with them all their lives. My grandmother had a favorite phrase that I thought was just a joke when I was a child, but it is in fact great advice for hard economic times.

Whenever we would drop something, my grandma would shout, “Save the pieces!” even if nothing was broken. It makes so much sense now, though, that if you did drop and break something you would want to save the pieces so you could try to repair instead of replace the broken object. There you go. Good advice from my granny to me and now to you.

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