Rod Dreher: Ron Paul, if only we listened

Great op-ed from Dallas News:

… But the truth is, if U.S. economic policy looked a lot more like Ron Paul’s ideal than what we’ve had these past decades, the nation wouldn’t be tottering on the financial abyss. Dr. Paul has long argued that an economy built on easy credit, insatiable consumption and deficit spending is a time bomb. He backs a national economic model based on savings, investment and production.

An economy that depends so heavily on government intervention to keep it afloat is one that creates of necessity an ever more powerful state. The nationalization of the banking sector only increases the power of the central government and decreases liberty. Dr. Paul warned for years against what we’re seeing happen today. But nobody – including me – listened to the old crank.

How much better off would America be today if we had? We’ll never know. Poor us.

Out of this destruction, some creative young conservatives may rise up and decide to take back the Republican Party. Perhaps they’ll run against the overweening power of the federal government and in favor of decentralizing power (but unlike today’s Republicans, they’ll actually mean it). Maybe they’ll fight for an America that lives responsibly, within its natural limits both overseas and at home. And maybe, just maybe, they might make the Republican Party worth following again.

If that day comes, it will be thanks to the lifelong labors of Ron Paul and his 2008 campaign based on ideas. If those ideas germinate into genuine reform and restoration of sanity in our government, America will look back on Dr. Paul as a gift from Texas and a worthy nominee as Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year.

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“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo

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