The Five Stages of Collapse

An essay by Dmitry Orlov, an observer of the collapse of the Soviet economy, now an observer of ours.

Orlov identifies five stages of collapse: financial, commercial, political, social, cultural. In the financial collapse phase, credit dries up, savings are wiped out, and frantic efforts to save solvency with liquidity cause hyperinflation. He takes for granted, reasonably enough, that the United States is well into this first stage already.

In the next two stages, which Orlov asserts are totally unavoidable, supplies dry up (from lack of money, comes lack of products) and political corruption runs more rampant than ever. Both stages driven by financial collapse, Orlov says, they will overlap, and it isn’t clear which will begin sooner.

The entire essay is here at The Energy Bulletin. It’s long but fascinating and well worth the time to read all the way through.

Professor Igor Panarin, another Russian political analyst, predicts the decline and breakup of the U.S. into six separate nations in a recent interview.  

There are a lot of factors in play right now and perhaps the Russian perspective doesn’t take into account certain uniquely American aspects, but if anyone would know what economic and political collapse looks like it would be the Russians. File these reports under “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

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