Boston Tea Party ’08

Boston Tea Party ’08 will host this year’s Boston Tea Party event. Committees of Safety is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization, founded on Independence Day 2008 by Walter Reddy. Walter had been very involved in the Ron Paul movement since first meeting Dr. Paul at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum and house party in February 2007. Walter also attended last year’s Boston Tea Party, and is now a precinct leader in Connecticut for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty.

Bob Dwyer, also a passionate supporter of Ron Paul, is now a precinct leader for the Campaign for Liberty in Massachsetts, as well as a county organizer for the Committees of Safety. Bob helped organize last year’s Boston Tea Party and is a key organizer in this year’s event.

Committees of Safety has been building an infrastructure from the grassroots up, and now has 30 county organizers in 16 States, with members in 23 States. Our goal is to have a Committee of Safety in each of the 3,068 counties across the country this coming year. We are a non-partisan, educational, and strictly constitutional lobbying organization. A key goal is to get to know local State representatives and State senators on a personal basis—encouraging them to join county committee meetings where the focus will be on how to draft State statutes to revitalize the Militia along constitutional lines. To find out more information and join a committee in your area, go to

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